Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Procedure to double your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 7

Even though our smartphones and tablets continue to offer higher-spec cameras, more processing cores, increased RAM and displays that go way beyond the realms of high-definition, battery life improvements aren’t nearly as impressive. The introduction of Intel Haswell’s energy efficient tech has worked wonders for the MacBook range, and although battery retention on iOS is among the best in the mobile industry, you can still take steps to ensure you get the most. BattSaver, a tweak which has just been updated for iOS 7 at the BigBoss repo, helps you save every last droplet of battery life. There are many tweaks and App Store apps out there purporting to aid this cause, but BattSaver has built a solid reputation in jailbreak circles as being among the best.

It’s the most feature-rich, precise and smart systems available in the field of battery management for iOS. The new edition is for iOS 7, and makes the claim that users can double their battery life by downloading and installing it on their iPhone.

Not only does the tweak / app keep a meticulous eye on everything from the number of charge cycles and temperature to how many minutes you’ve left before your device will require a power-up, but works like a machine in watching and optimizing your battery’s potential.

You can manage all of your radios individually, and considering that the likes of Wi-Fi and cellular data are largely reason for battery drain, these enhanced controls are essential to anybody looking for a better overall output. It keeps graphed logs on battery usage, provides a seemingly endless array of settings for tweaking things to suit your requirements, and with seasoned developer Pod2g having sung its praises in the past.

BattSaver for iOS 7 is now available and costs $3.99.

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