Saturday, 18 January 2014

Limited edition Titanfall wireless controller for Xbox One

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may both have sold well in their first couple of months, but while many gamers like to flock to stores and get their shiny new consoles in early, some wait for special edition models of both console and peripheral. These can take various forms, although tend to be offered as part of a promotion of a big new title , and with Titanfall on the horizon, the game’s makers have collaborated with Microsoft to deliver a very nifty looking limited edition controller for the Xbox One. The good thing about the fact that Respawn Entertainment, the group behind Titanfall, hooking up with Microsoft on the project is that the gamer still gets an official Xbox One controller. Many users and commentators have pointed out some flaws and shortcomings with the Xbox One as a whole, it’s generally accepted that the new controller is among the best that the industry has ever handled.

This special edition model might have even looked cooler than what is essentially an official Xbox One controller with remnants of the game’s C-101 carbine. But the fact that it is official and under the slick fascia, just another Xbox One controller means that ardent Titanfall fans won’t have to compromise the gaming experience in order to own a piece. The detail, as you will see from the images below, is quite spectacular, and if you’re a big Titanfall nerd, then this is certainly an investment you will want to consider.

Unfortunately, there’s no exact information on when the release date will be.

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