Friday, 10 January 2014

Future Wireless Technologies

Wireless communication is the transfer of information over long distances without the use of wires in the form of energy like radio waves and acoustic waves. The most common wireless technology use radio wave. There are many applications of radio wireless technology includes GPS, keyboard, headphone and cordless telephone. The world’s first wireless telephone was invented in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter. Nowadays, all the Smartphones using wireless technologies like 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi. Upcoming technologies will triumph over the existing ones by providing fast data transfer speed and easy connectivity.We have collected some information about future wireless technologies:-


DLNA stands for digital living network alliance is a communication technology that allows devices to share the data over the wireless network. This technology was founded by Sony. It uses universal plug and play for media management and control. DLNA enabled devices ranges not only Smartphone, television, tablet, media player, cameras, it also allows live streaming and easy sharing of photos, music and videos.

WiFi Direct

WiFi is a standard that enables devices to connect easily with each other without requiring a wireless access point. The advantage of WiFi Direct over common WiFi that it can connect with devices even if they are from different manufacturers. It also replaces the need of Bluetooth for applications that do not rely on low energy. Samsung Galaxy S/SII and LG Optimus have Wi-Fi Direct technology in it.

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication or NFC is a technology that uses magnetic field to connect devices for wireless data transmission. Nokia launches this technology in model number 6131 in 2006. Near Field Communication is a short range wireless technology that can work up till a distance of a few centimeters. This technology was used for sharing content, streaming multimedia, multi player gaming and paring Bluetooth.


4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology standard. Till now 3G is still far from seeing mass adoption. This technology has IPv6 support with the browsing speed of up to 100 Mbps. It was launching this year but there are very few devices that support 4G connectivity.

WiFi 802.11 ad

WiFi is the primary and best wireless technology used for data transfer. This WiFi version supports the full HD videos and transfer large amount of data between two wireless devices. The wireless LAN protocol was divided into a, b, g, n, Ac and ad. The Wi-Fi version b, g and n are widely used in all the mobile communication devices. The first WiFi version was founded in 1997 which has the data rate of 2 Mbps. The WiFi 802.11 ad version is coming this February which will support date rate of 6.75 Gbps.

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