Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Biking gloves flash a turn signal at night

Biking in the city can be dangerous. Not only can you get lost, but if you’re biking at night, you run the risk of colliding with cars, other bikes and people, too. Though there's an endless supply of reflector vests, jackets and ankle-straps on the market, Zackees LED gloves are particularly helpful for making you and your upcoming turns visible to everyone around you, by putting a blinking turn signal onto your hand. The Kickstarter project, headed a former Google programmer/Burning Man enthusiast, is sweet and simple. A pair of biking gloves with arrow-shaped LED lights sewn into them. There’s a metal button placed on the outside of your index finger, so that you can easily press it with your thumb and signal which way you’re turning.

The batteries last anywhere from three to six months of daily active use. The gloves are also made to be comfortable for bikers, with leather palms and breathable spandex. This is what makes Zackees better than other wool prototypes we’ve seen. You can pre-order a pair for $75.

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