Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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New Windows 8 PCs with Tab-Book 2 sliders, 'ultra' laptop by LG

LG will show off a few new devices running Windows 8, like the Tab-Book 2 line (above) that hides a QWERTY keyboard underneath its 11.6-inch screen, 13Z940 "ultra PC" laptop (pictured after the break) and a new 27-inch all-in-one at CES. The two mobile devices build on models introduced last year, with the new 13-inch coming in at just 980g, 13.6 mm-thick and a thin 4.4mm bezel, all wrapped around its Haswell Core i5 CPU and SSD (128GB or 256GB). The two new Tab-Book 2 models improve by also getting lighter and thinner, with the high-end 11T740 model measuring at 16.7mm thick and 1.05kg compared to the earlier version's 19.4mm and 1.23kg. We'll have to wait to get a picture of the 27-inch all-in-one announced, but LG says it can go from PC to TV and back without rebooting, use PiP and packs an unspecified Core CPU inside.

Release of iFile 2.0 for iOS 7

This year, the jailbreak community has been treated to the best gift imaginable by way of untethered jailbreaks for both iOS 7 and the latter versions of iOS 6.1.x. With many having already opened up your device to the world of tweaks and apps otherwise unobtainable at stock level. The updates are arriving thick and fast, and in the latest, iFile version 2.0.0-1 has been pushed. iFile is arguably the most important app for any seasoned or aspiring jailbreaker. The process of jailbreaking your device unlocks access to all of the system files that Apple likes to keep under lock-and-key, but by safely altering them, you can greatly manipulate the way iOS behaves. iFile is the most popular app for navigating, moving and editing these files, allowing you to install apps and tweaks with relative ease. If you’ve just jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iFile should be your first purchase.

With the recent jailbreak for iOS 7 devices, many of the changes found in the new iFile are related to the Cupertino’s latest and greatest mobile OS release. As well as a flattened out icon, the general look and feel of the app has been dragged up to speed. Once installed, will be very much in-keeping with the iOS 7 user interface as a whole. There are also quite a few bug fixes. If you found that iFile wouldn’t close using the App Switcher, this issue has also been rectified, although as per the release notes, it will remain active for 180 seconds after backgrounding.

iFile 2.0 can be found over at the BigBoss repository in Cydia, and you can test it out by means of a free trial before making a purchase. It is also fully compatible to work with latest devices such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Sale of world's largest 110-inch Ultra HDTV by samsung

Samsung promised to deliver a 110-inch UHDTV this year, and here it is. Apparently rolling out in China, the Middle East and a few European countries first, there's no word on price (the 85-inch version that launched earlier this year had a $40K price tag). But can you really put a price on a TV that's bigger size, at 2.6-meters by 1.8-meters there's more than enough room for well-heeled VIPs or employees of large companies and government agencies to catch some z's on it, and bring a few friends. It's available for custom orders just before the new generation of Ultra HD (including a 105-inch curved model) at CES 2014 next week, although most of us will be looking for TVs that actually fit inside our living room. Samsung has confirmed that the basic edition costs 15 million Korean won ($142,000~).


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