Tuesday, 26 November 2013

World record of 502,165 christmas lights display set by a family in Australia

One Australian family sure knows how to light up the holidays. David Richards and the rest of his festive brood officially broke the Guinness World Record for having the most Christmas lights attached to their home at Canberra, Australia. The whopping 502,165 multi-colored bulbs create a magical spectacle which attracts thousands of friends, neighbors and strangers from far and wide, collecting donations for charity.

The family is well-prepared for the crowds their home will bring because this isn't the first year they've set the world record. In 2011, they won with 331,038 lights. Richards admits decorating the house is no easy feat, however. "It took me quite a while to set it up," he said. "I started in October. I took a week off in October school holidays, and then have worked every weekend since."

The roughly $2,300 electricity bill comes at a heavy cost during the holiday season as well, but the family gets some help in that department during the month of December. "We're very fortunate in that ActewAGL are sponsoring it with a green energy program," he said. "So, it's doing something for nature as well."


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