Thursday, 7 November 2013

Six legged, two headed conjoined calves

With six legs and two heads, the birth of conjoined twin buffalo calves to a landlord in the Shaheenabad areas of Sargodha caused a stir in the locale. As reported, large crowds visited the landlord’s property to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals. Many locals termed the birth a bad omen, and possibly a sign of the “end times.” Still others termed the conjoined calves the by-product of “black magic.” In contrast, the local vet termed the birth “absolutely natural” although he said, he had never seen such a birth before. The calves were unable to stand without assistance. Given their condition, their owner opted to feed milk to both heads using a baby bottle, rather than relying on the calves’ mother to feed her young. The landlord initially refused to sell the calves despite numerous offers, but eventually settled on handing them over to an interested party.

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