Friday, 25 October 2013

Puzzles! try & have fun

What you originally see at first glance is not necessarily all there is to a picture, Sometimes there’s a lot more to see if you only take the time to examine them more carefully. So take a first or second look at the following images and discover what there really is — hidden deep in the picture:-

what is this

where is baby

how many faces in these images

who is this

Where is woman and child

Floating Maze

This is a 3x3 magic square. In order to solve it numbers from 1 to 9 should be filled in the empty cells so that the sum in each row, column and diagonal would be equal. In the case of a 3x3 grid the sum must be 15. Can you fill it so that each row,column and diagonal has a total sum of 15


KenKen is a japanese puzzle game similar to Sudoku or Kakuro. You have to deal with numbers, in this case it is a 4x4 grid so you have to fill each row and column with numbers   1,2,3 and 4. Groups of boxes are surrounded  by bold lines which are called cages. Cages can be one ore more in rows, columns or L shaped  and each cage contains a number and the mathematical operator. To fill the cells in the cage you need to  combine numbers with the operator. The more grids the harder KenKen becomes. 9x9 grids are difficult puzzles.

Which is the identical to the red shape

Which of the seven shapes is identical to the red one? There may be more than one which is exactly the same.

Answer: B,D and E

bridge or ship

Secret words

How many words can you read ?  Except 'victory' written in black there is also the word 'defeat' in yellow.

In white there is the word "Optical" while in blue is the word "illusion"

How many squares can you count


What can you see in this picture?
An old or a young lady?

How many animals can you find here


How many 3d faces does it have

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