Thursday, 5 September 2013

Announcement of Galaxy Gear smartwatch by Samsung

Samsung has finally revealed its new smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. First impressions is that it's big, but up on stage at IFA, it looks very little like the prototype watch VentureBeat leaked last week. The basic shape is the same, but despite having a huge 1.63-inch 320 x 320 AMOLED display up front, it's a lot more svelte than the leak may have led you to believe. The Galaxy Gear's front is dominated by the display, which is framed in metal. Its strap appears to be made of rubber and there's a camera built into the strap.

The Galaxy Gear isn't a phone, instead, it's a companion for your phone. It uses Bluetooth to connect to Samsung Galaxy devices via a special app (which was also leaked). It's not clear if it'll connect to devices that aren't Samsung. The only version of Android to support low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, which the watch almost undoubtedly uses, is Android 4.3, we're not holding our breath for wide compatibility.

Once you've found a compatible phone and connected it up, you'll be able to place and answer calls, take voice memos and get all of your phone's notifications up on the screen. There's also an app ecosystem in the works for the smartwatch, with 70 apps to be available soon.

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