Sunday, 18 August 2013

Perfect passwords

Nothing in this world is completely safe but you can improve your odds against internet hackers by using an incredibly safe password. A password generator like can help if you are struggling to come up with something original. If you are worried about remembering all your super safe login details a password manager might be worth looking into such as LastPass, KeePass or 1Password.

You will find a wealth of great science video courtesy of the Royal Institution of Great Britain at As well as delivering the pick of the institution's own videos and lectures they scour the web to showcase the very best of the science they find. MoneyReader is an iPhone app for the visually impaired that uses image recognition to identify bank notes and then speak the denomination you are holding.

Youtube user Ultrabrilliant has launched a series of videos this week called Other Places, which let you enjoy the majesty of the digital vistas created for popular video games without all the messy fighting. Things happen very rapidly online, as is demonstrated by this mind-blowing visual representation of what happens on the web in just one second.

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