Thursday, 6 June 2013

Preview of Windows 8.1

Microsoft recently revealed all of the key details pertaining to the forthcoming Windows 8.1.  But aside from a few screenshots, a proper close-up insight of what the newly updated OS will look like when in action is still unknown. Although the numbering suggests the update is actually minor, these rather small little tweaks make for a wholly rather significant change from the Windows 8 platform preceding it. The new Windows User Experience head Jensen Harris said about the new lock screen gave many new features and alterations under the hood. 

Although adoption rates of Windows 8 have been good, not everybody has been completely sold by the new look and functionality. Microsoft went ahead and rather heavy-handedly changed what was already a good operating system in Windows 7. The rationale of a touch-friendly OS makes sense.

With Windows 8.1, it appears as consumers will see the best with some older features, returning to fight another day alongside some of the better received Windows 8 traits.

If you are interested in Windows 8.1 or planning on upgrading to it when it does arrive, you’ll definitely want to know about it. Windows 8.1 will be shown off during Microsoft’s BUILD 2013 conference, with Windows 8.1 Public Preview release date on the same day when previewed during BUILD.

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