Friday, 14 June 2013

Boost your iPhone earpiece volume by almost double

If you find the speaker volume of your iPhone to be a little on the quiet side, then thanks to a jailbreak tweak by the name of Volume Amplifier. It delivers fairly impressive results, and if you want to give your Apple smartphone’s volume a little kick up the backside, follow the details below:-

Since the release of the Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6, the Cydia has gone from strength to strength, and on an almost hourly basis, new tweaks, themes and apps are released for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices which aim to make using the said devices much better.

Some are more useful than others and Volume Amplifier is one of the much better and functional tweaks. Although the speaker of the iPhone 5 or any iPhone is fairly capable, it’s not going to tide you over when you’ve got a little party going. The tweak won’t deliver the BoomSound of the HTC One, it should deliver a noticeable difference upon installation. The package claims to increase sound output by up to 200%. This will lead to distortion, so you must be responsible with regards to the extent you use it. Also, Prolonged usage of this tweak might just lead to a distorted earpiece. Volume Amplifier doesn’t actually make alterations to the iOS system, rather alters the audio stream to give the impression of loudness, kind of like how Beats Audio manipulates certain elements of the audio to add a little gusto to the experience of listening to music.

On an iPhone 5, there is a very obvious difference in sound. So if you ever find yourself trying to hold a handsfree call in your car but the sound is drowned out by the atmosphere, this is certainly one you’ll want to try out. 

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