Sunday, 12 May 2013

Way to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S3

If you don’t feel that your S III is as smooth as its should be on certain occasions, we’ve got a quick tip on how you can try and speed things up. Galaxy S III is generally speaking, a pretty slick device, and with Android Jelly Bean supported for all variants, it has the advantage of Google’s heavily-lauded war on lag. It does seem to freeze-frame momentarily when performing certain actions, such as navigating between messages in the stock Messaging app, but with a couple of adjustments, you could well find your device running smoothly.

We have a short tutorial on how you may be able to achieve this slight bump in speed. Results may vary and you may not notice as great an improvement on your own device. The steps are very simple, follow these steps and you could have a better performance of Galaxy S III:-

First and foremost, you will need to open the native Settings menu.

Next, you will need to navigate through to Developer Options, and change both Window Animation Scale and Transition Animation Scale‘s values to around 0.5x.

Your device’s animations should be noticeably punchier than ever before.

You will notice that this doesn’t actually speed up your device, operating much like the iOS Speed Intensifier tweak to simply reduce transitions between animations. It works rather nicely at our end, so why not give it a try on your Galaxy S III.

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