Saturday, 4 May 2013

Burger from McDonald’s still looks fresh after 14-years

An alleged 14-year-old burger from McDonald’s still looks fresh, which was featured recently on the medical TV show “The Doctors,”. David Whipple, claimed that he bought the McDonald’s hamburger on July, 7, 1999 in Logan, Utah and that he is still keeping the original receipt. Whipple said that he intended to keep the burger only as an experiment to show people how enzymes work. He said he was then fighting to lose weight and kept it for a month, and later showed it to his friends. That time, the hamburger still looks the same just the way he bought it.

“It wasn’t on purpose,’ David Whipple said on the interview, adding that he placed inside his coat pocket at the back of his trunk for another few months, and his wife Beverlee stored it in the back of the closet. However, he claimed that he has forgotten about it and found it again 14 years later. “My wife didn’t discover it until at least a year or two after that … And we pulled it out and said ‘Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it looks the same way.’” Whipple added.

“If the mold won’t eat, if the fungus wont’ eat it, the bugs won’t eat it, then maybe we shouldn’t be eating it. All these preservatives are to increase the shelf life, but what does that do to our shelf life?” Jim Sears, MD said. Whipple said he earlier placed it on eBay for auction, and the bid reached to about $2,000, but his daughter bought it. The 14-year-old McDonald’s burger has no signs of mold, fungus or even a strange odor, except for the pickle, which has been disintegrated. McDonald’s has not commented on this issue. David Whipple said he intended to keep it to remind his grandchildren to eat healthy foods only.

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