Monday, 8 April 2013

Xbox 720 Launch Event expected on May 21st

Sony has already introduced the PlayStation 4 back in February, and it looks like the Xbox unveiling isn’t too far away with the originally planned April event being shifted in the next month. Console gaming and technology fans alike have been eagerly waiting about Microsoft planning regarding the new Xbox platform. Speculation about the new Xbox are on the rise, with attention being paid to all aspects of the product including technical specifications, potential aesthetics of the device and the speculated, but extremely controversial “always-on” requirements. It looks like we can begin counting down as  multiple sources agreeing that Microsoft will hold a May 21st Xbox event.

Details surrounding the potential event are still not clear, but it looks like it will be held at a relatively small and intimate venue, with the intention being to certain aspects of the product. If that is true, then more traditional product unveiling will happen at a later date. With the new Xbox and PlayStation set to officially hit shelves at the back-end of this year. It’s almost guaranteed that Durango and Orbis will be put through their paces at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.

The most interesting aspect will be whether or not the new console will actually require a permanent internet connection to be used. Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth has angered gamers and done nothing to dismiss the speculation by taking to Twitter to ask why consumers have such an issue with that type of setup.

With the event set to happen in May, a more thorough unveiling at E3 in June and an actual product launch later in the year, we really don’t have that much long to wait.

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