Sunday, 14 April 2013

Unbelievable Facts and Effects of Smoking,

Effects of Smoking

        Effects on skin
        Effects on lips
        Effects on teeth
        Effects on lungs
        Effects on Environment
        Air Pollution
        Water Pollution

If you are a smoker you have much higher risk of developing serious illness, cancers and organ failures and you are more likely to die younger than a person who doesn't smoke. Scientists claim the average smoker will lose 14 years of their life due to smoking. Thirty percent of the American population is smokers. In other countries, especially developing countries, this percentage is much higher. While most people are aware of the damage that smoking does to their body, few are aware of the effects that smoking has on the environment.

Each day 3,000 children smoke their first cigarette.
Urea, a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, is used to add “flavor” to cigarettes.
Thirty percent of the American population is smokers.

Because of the harmful smoke which comes in contact with the skin, the ageing process starts and wrinkles start appearing on the skin. It also makes skin go very pale and lose its natural hue.

Cracked and dry lips are also common effects of smoking. Prolonged smoking can cause darkening of the lip color.

Smoking reduces the production of saliva and saliva is effective in cleaning teeth. Thus, the teeth will begin to discolor.

Smoking increases your risk of getting lung diseases like pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The body can be affected in many ways due to smoking. There are over 40 different chemicals in cigarettes and each is harmful in different ways.

It takes 1 tree for every 300 cigarettes that are produced while 4 miles of paper per hour are used to roll and pack the ready production. If you add up all natural resources that are used during the manufacturing process, it is obvious that smoking and cigarettes are extremely hazardous to mankind and the environment. The most impacting aspect of cigarettes is actually producing them. There is the land used to grow the crops all over the world that could be put to better use by planting more trees or food for starving children in third world countries.

Around 4,000 chemicals used in manufactured cigarettes are released into the air when a cigarette is burned.

Cigarette butts and filters easily make their way into streams, rivers and lakes where they can clog water intakes and pollute water as they degrade. A recent study of ocean waste, conducted in several marine regions, has revealed some disturbing results. Researchers have found that out of the 103 million classified marine pollutants, 25 million are cigarette butts and whole cigarettes.

Smoking kills…….
                          ………. but not just YOU !

So, Please stop smoking. 
Give yourself more life
and let live others also.  

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