Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces can be just as attractive as indoor ones. Even the tiniest outdoor space can be made more inviting and usable. Following are the some principles for creating stylish outdoor spaces:-

Consider Scale

Measure the area that you have and you can buy furniture that fits the area. Remember to leave plenty of room for moving around. Fortunately, you can buy from a vast array of outdoor furniture, from low profile bistro seating to cushy couches. Fit the scale of your furniture to the scale of your outdoor space.

Review Style

Make the style of your outdoor furniture compatible with the style of your outdoor space. In most cases you can continue using your indoors style and bring it outside as well. You can choose from wood, wrought iron, wicker, aluminum or mixed materials to furnish your outdoor space. Manufacturers provide them in all styles such as traditional, contemporary, casual, formal or rustic to suit your requirements.

Concentrate on a Focal Point

Some furniture or accessories, such as an interesting piece of art, a fountain, a vibrant sofa, an artistic coffee table or a warm fire pit could provide the focal point. Your focal point could come from nature, too, such as a tree or a trellised vine.

Embrace Functionality

Choose furniture pieces that may perform more than one function to provide solutions to a challenging space. For instance, a teak storage bench can double as a table, seat, cooler or storage space for cushions when it rains. A baker’s rack can be used to display potted plants or art pieces, store place mats or dishes and create an interesting surface on a blank wall.

Prefer Comfort and Durability

A high quality piece of furniture will be more comfortable and give you years of use. Think quality and buy the best that you can afford as it will last for many years, and you will save money by not having to replace it frequently. Make sure to check for comfort along with durability. 

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