Saturday, 27 April 2013

Release of a Water / Dust-Proof Galaxy S4 by Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is currently among the most sought after devices in the smartphone industry. The latest in a long line of successful Galaxy S releases, it packs a quad / octa-core processor, 13-megapixel snapper and a hefty two gigs of RAM, among a deluge of other high-spec features. Samsung Gulf Electronics president Young Soo Kim has indicated that the company’s prized asset may arrive as a dust and waterproof device in the next few months. One of the Sony Xperia Z’s key marketing points is its ability to survive being submerged in water, and although we expect the Galaxy S4 to sell in big numbers, adding waterproof film and preventing dust damage will do the device’s selling credentials very little harm.

With the design of the S4 having changed very little and the newer features only really appealing to the tech aficionado, it would seem Samsung may, rather sensibly, be looking to widen the S4′s appeal. The fact that it has come from a Samsung executive doesn’t really give the story much more credibility either, since those high up in firms often tend to make suggestions and mention products that, in the end, don’t make it to the retail market.

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