Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Release date, News and Rumours about iPhone 6

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, the reaction was mix. Other phones were massive leaps forward and the iPhone 5 was a lot easier to scratch. So what can we expect from the iPhone 6 or 5S? One thing is for sure, with the release of such super handsets as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One, the next iPhone will have to be with something really new for the customers.

iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S? 

It is not sure whether the next iPhone is going to be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. As per the iPhone's history, there's always been a half-step S model before the next numbered iPhone. So there are chances that an iPhone 5S first and an iPhone 6 a few months later. It's been suggested that there could even be three size variants of the new iPhone.

Release date

Some predict a summer release for the iPhone 6, while Money Morning reckons that the iPhone 5's lack of NFC and Jumbotron display is because Apple's got a proper iPhone ready for a springtime release. It is expected that Apple is moving to a two-phones-per-year upgrade cycle and may have a new roadmap, with new phones every spring and autumn. Still it's predicting a summertime reveal for Apple's next generation phones, which again fits with a WWDC unveiling. 

The iPhone 6 will run iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S probably won't

Developers are seeing new iPhone model identifiers in their server logs. The device identifies itself as the iPhone 6,1 (the iPhone 5 is 5,1 or 5,2) running iOS 7, and its IP address is an Apple one. If the two-phones strategy is true, we'd expect Apple to unveil the next major revision of iOS at its WWDC conference in June.


We've already seen a 128GB iPad, so why not to have a 128GB iPhone 6? It'll cost more, but high-spending early adopters love this stuff.

Wireless charging

There are reports that Apple has filed a patent for efficient wireless charging, but then again Apple has filed patents for pretty much anything imaginable and it wouldn't just charge one device, but multiple ones.


China Times reckons the codename iPhone Math, which may be a mistranslation of iPhone+, will have a 4.8-inch display. The same report suggests that Apple will release multiple handsets throughout the year over and above the iPhone 5S and 6, which seems likely not possible. Patents show that Apple has been thinking about magical morphing technology that can hide sensors and even cameras. Could the touch screen even be transparent? Emirates 24/7 sin't claims that an ultra-sensitive transparent touchscreen will make it into iPhone 6. The site also believes the display will be made by Sharp. 


The current processor is a dual-core A6, and the next one will be a quad-core A7. The more power with better efficiency and should help battery life. Expect to see it in the 2013 iPad first, and expect to see an improved A6 processor, the A6X, in the iPhone 5S.

Home button

According to Business Insider, of the many iPhone 6 prototypes Apple has made, one has a giant Retina+ IGZO display and a "new form factor with no home button. Gesture control is also possibly included". 


Apple's bought camera sensors from Sony before, and we're going to see a new 13-megapixel sensor which takes up less room without compromising image quality.

Better 4G LTE

On its UK launch, just one UK network had 4G LTE: which currently offers 4G on the 1800MHz band. In 2013, all the other big names will be coming on board, offering 4G in other frequency bands. International iPhones already work across different 4G bands to the UK, so you can expect the UK iPhone 6 to be more promiscuous than the iPhone 5.

Eye tracking

 Apple can't ignore the massive movement towards eye-tracking tech from other vendors, especially Samsung. It seems that Apple will deliver some kind of motion tech within the next iPhone.

Wi-Fi may be 802.11ac

Apple likes to lead Wi-Fi standards adoption and there's a good chance we'll see ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi in Apple kit this year. It's faster than Lighting and not very frightening.


 Rumours say Apple's working on plastic cases for its next iPhone, mixing plastic and metal in such a way that "the internal metal parts are seen from outside through special design." It's unclear whether such cases would be for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Speaking in March 2013, a KGI analyst said it believed Apple would turn to manufacturer Pegatron to make up to 75 per cent of low cost iPhone products.

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