Sunday, 28 April 2013

Procedure to take full Webpage Screenshot on iPhone / iPad

The iOS native screenshot feature is very useful, particularly for capturing small bits of information for referencing to at a later date. But if you want to snap an entire webpage, you’ll find yourself doing quite a bit of scrolling as you try and pick up every last bit, and thereafter, you’re left with a somewhat fragmented representation of what you were initially reading. Enter Barry – Webpage screenshot, an app which allows you to take screenshots of entire webpages in a single hit.

We can confirm this app does exactly what it purports to do, and does so with aplomb. You have to use the Barry browser in order to take the full-length screenshot, but if you cannot prize yourself away from Chrome, Safari, SkyFire or whatever other surfing app you frequently use, just copy and paste the URL whenever the need to take a longer screenshot arises.

 Once your screenshot has been snapped, it is saved within the app’s interface, and from there, you can easily view those you’ve taken, or even share via email. It would be nice if this app housed the ability to export in multiple formats, but for the 99 cent price, this is still more than worth buying. Barry is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5 or higher.

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