Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Launch of a GoNote Mini, a 7-inch Android tablet / netbook hybrid by Ergo

Ergo Electronics has graduated from its humble back-of-the-hall origins to become a major player. Its product range has swelled beyond its original budget ICS slates with a range of AIO PCs, thin-and-light laptops and even a Windows 8 tablet which has more than a few strong hints of a KIRF Surface about it. Now it's launched the GoNote Mini, a scaled down 7-inch version of the education-ready tablet / netbook hybrid. 

This Android-powered clamshell netbook certainly has something to offer. Clad in off-white plastic and designed for the education market, it's already has demonstrated its sturdy credentials. It's solidly built and you will not find any weaknesses or "give" in the outer shell, compared to some other devices.

Spec-wise, you'll be staring into a 800 x 480 capacitive LED-backlit touchscreen that can register up to five points of multitouch. It's a single-core 1.2GHz Rockchip RK2918 that's been paired with 1GB of RAM. The keyboard isn't enjoyable to type on for adult hands, and the keys themselves have a springy feel, as if you're typing into the rubber membrane beneath the keys. In addition to the touchscreen, you also get a trackpoint, which is useful when you want to nudge your cursor without resorting to jabbing at the display. Connectivity-wise, you've got 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, mini USB, full UB and a mini HDMI port. You'll talk into a VGA forward-facing camera that's been paired with a 2-megapixel shooter 'rounder back. You can also complement the 4GB of onboard storage with the microSD card slot. 

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