Saturday, 13 April 2013

iPhone 5S with Third Color Option, expected in July

Reports say that the next-gen iPhone could arrive with as many as three different sizes of display. Different blogs have waded into the debate, suggesting the so-called “iPhone 5S” may retail in three colorways. Citing a trusted source, the report alludes to a third color joining the current black and white variants.

With so many next-gen iPhone rumors, it’s hard to make head nor tail of what’s real, and what’s likely pure fabrication. The report from Topeka Capital’s Brian White seemed to echo a speech he made earlier this year to similar effect. It’s also worth noting that while he made little mention of multiple color options this time around, his original report suggested there would be “an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes with the next iPhone.”

In addition to colors, the Cupertino outfit is also thought to be preparing a low-cost device to widen its appeal not only to those with less extravagant budgets, but also to other markets. China and India have often been highlighted as two key areas for Tim Cook and his team to go forth and expand. An entry-level iPhone would certainly be a great weapon for what will be a challenging.

If recent rumor is to be believed, Apple could really be about to step up to the varied plate offered by rivals. Consumers have a choice of cheap, mid-range or high-end, with varying color, memory configurations and display sizes therein. iPhone fans have the new iPhone, or the old one, or the very old one, and while this seems to have worked hitherto. Apple knows it is losing fans of big screens, budget devices and interesting colors to its biggest rivals.

Further to the multiple colors report, July is looking as though it could be the magical month for the big launch of both the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone. While this does fall in line with the utterances of several others, it’s important to consider how carried away these situations can get amid the hype. 

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