Friday, 19 April 2013

Couple surprised by a Massive 12-foot alligator in South Carolina

Massive 12-foot alligator surprises South Carolina couple after discovering it lying outside their front door. Alligator weighing 1,000 pounds was tied up in Hilton Head Island before removed several hours later from the property. A South Carolina woman and her dog got a shaky wake-up call after nearly walking into a 12-foot alligator lying mere feet outside her front door.

Diana Andrews of Hilton Head Island says she was taking her small dog out for a walk,  when she stepped two to three feet away from the 1,000-pound creature. 'I was terrified, I was screaming and shaking, at the same time, trying to find the phone to call security,' Diana Andrews said.

Alligator weighed 1,000 pounds, is tied up with ropes and electrical tape over its massive jaws

'I figured they would just come and take it away, but they said it was too big and that I needed to call a professional,' she said. In the meantime Mrs Andrews desperately called for her husband, Arthur Andrew's help, who went out to see the creature for himself.

The alligator is seen tied up with ropes as well as a rag over its eyes

He first tried splashing it with water, hoping that would drive it away. When that didn't work, 'I ran back in the house!' he said. Nearly three hours later someone with Critter Management Inc arrived to tie up the animal but the process was momentarily stalled - after realizing they’d need backup. 

Eventually after extra sets of hands arrived the creature was seen tied to a tree by several ropes before carted off. The animal had to be euthanized due to its massive size, according to South Carolina law. The Andrews say they regularly spot alligators in the lagoon behind their home, but they rarely if ever go past the bank. 'This is mating season and they do tend to wander, and they can travel a pretty significant distance in the course of one evening,' Mr Andrews acknowledged.

Alligators can be found from the most southern tip of Texas to the most northeastern part of North Carolina. Male alligators can grow up to 16 feet in length with females up to 10 feet. Annually there are around 250-300 problematic alligators in the state that are removed and euthanized.

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