Saturday, 20 April 2013

Canadian debut of BlackBerry Q10 on April 30

According to a leaked Rogers document, the BlackBerry Q10 release date in Canada is April 30. The memo from Canada's top carrier, dripped on the aptly named Mobile Syrup, makes good on BlackBerry's promise to release the BlackBerry 10 phone "in April." It also gives the company formerly known as RIM a second BB10 smartphone on the market following the all-touch BlackBerry Z10.

Rogers began taking BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders, selling the phone for $199.99 with a three-year contract, and $649.99 to buy it off-contract. So far, Rogers is the only Canadian carrier to offer a white Q10 in addition to the black model. With the Rogers' BlackBerry Q10 marketing launch date pegged at April 30, other carriers have started taking pre-orders for their new and existing Canadian telecom customers.

Telus is selling the phone for $199 with a three-year commitment, and $700 to buy it outright, according to an updated Mobile Syrup story. This carrier advises that while BBQ10 devices will begin shipping on April 29, it may take two or three business days for delivery. Bell will bring the BlackBerry Q10 to the market for roughly the same price, $199.95 for three-year contract and $699.95 if paid in full. Bell hasn't started pre-orders yet, but plans to do so on April 19.

The final carrier to announce prices, Fido, is the only provider marketing the BBQ10 with a two-year contract, selling it for $350. An option to buy the phone is $650. Best Buy-owned retailer Future Shop is accepting pre-orders with a $50 deposit, telling Mobile Syrup, "BlackBerry Q10 will be available at Bell, Rogers, Telus and Virgin Mobile Canada networks in the coming weeks." Best Buy itself has the same $50 down payment deal in place, but it's also offering a 20 percent discount on accessories to BBQ10 pre-orderers. 

BlackBerry should receive a nice reception in Canada, where the smartphone manufacturer is based and where BlackBerry faithful have been waiting for a QWERTY version of a BB10 phone. Pre-orders for the handset are already underway in the UK, though we're still waiting on an exact release date. In US, the Q10 isn't expect to arrive possibly not until June.

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