Monday, 29 April 2013

Apple To Refresh Its MacBook Lineup

iPhone and iPad are seen as Apple’s biggest prospects. It’s worth noting that it is still very much invested in the notebook market, making arguably some of the best machines in the business. With WWDC 2013 not far away, attention may soon be set to turn to Apple’s MacBook Pro and Air lines, with one analyst suggesting that not only will both see a refresh at the developer conference, but both will also ship soon after their announcement.

Speaking on behalf of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will receive updates to their lineup during WWDC. Apple may dump its non-Retina Display MacBook Pros though, Kuo now believes that the company is set to keep them around for a little while longer. The reason for the stay of execution, says Kuo, is the fact that Apple’s cheaper non-Retina hardware is still continuing to sell strongly. As for the MacBook Air, everyone has been wondering when Apple will add that famous Retina Display to its diminutive notebooks.

Citing issues with fitting such a high resolution screen into such a small package, Kuo believes that we’ll have to wait a little while yet before we can pick up a super light, super thin notebook with a display of the Retina variety. Adding such a display would also see the MacBook Air increase in price. With Retina off the table, we expect to see a speed and general specification bump, should Apple actually refresh its MacBook Air lineup.

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