Thursday, 4 April 2013

Angry Birds Friends will Soon be available to the iPhone and iPad

Angry Birds has evolved into one of the biggest mobile franchises the world has ever seen in a short span of time. With numerous titles available on different platforms and user base higher than 10, it’s basically impossible to avoid those volatile avian creatures, if you’re on Facebook. You might have also caught wind of Angry Birds Friends. Recently released by Rovio Entertainment, the title plays on Facebook’s rather well-established social credentials, and with 60 million installs already, users of the world’s foremost social network seem to be taking the bait. 

Following its success on Facebook, Angry Birds Friends will soon be making its way to iOS, allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod users to join. There is a certain, quite obvious bit of irony in seeing the App Store, now taking up its position as part of the branching out process from Facebook. This full circle movement once again emphasizes that the Angry Birds franchise is in a league of its own.

Of the 60 million installs of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook,  about 15 million are classified as monthly active users. Many developers know that getting somebody to install a piece of software is one thing, keeping them interested is totally different.

It has been quite a while since Angry Birds Star Wars descended on the App Store, and with Angry Birds Friends being a very socially-based title, it wouldn’t be surprised if it quickly becomes the most popular version to date. 

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