Tuesday, 19 March 2013

World’s largest chicken egg in China

A Chinese chicken lays a giant egg. Amazingly, the huge egg, which has a size of 3 eggs and weighs about half a pound, has 2 yolks and another fully-formed egg inside. The so-called “miracle” hen is from Guizhou province in Southwest China, and recently laid five gigantic eggs.

The owner of the super hen, which was only known as Ms. Yang, told them that she thought her hen was dying when she laid her first giant egg that weighed nearly 226.8 grams; and may be the world’s largest chicken egg.

“The first huge egg appeared about three weeks ago. And there are four to five (oversized eggs) now. I’m more than 80 now, but I have never seen eggs like this before.” Ms. Yang said, adding that her hen used to lay eggs with two yolks, but definitely not with 3 eggs inside.

And while it still a mystery on how the said chicken laid the giant egg, Ms. Yang noted that she feed the fowl with rice because it does not like to eat corn. Nevertheless, this is far bigger than earlier reported, where Jeremy Power of Cheltenham said his chicken laid a giant egg that weighed 130g.

Apparently, there is no record at Guinness World Records for the largest chicken egg, but the world’s largest egg was recorded in Borlänge, Sweden, May 17 2008. The giant egg weighed 2.589 kg (5 lb 11.36 oz) and was laid by an ostrich at a farm owned by Kerstin and Gunnar Sahlin.

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