Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Guideline to Save App And Game Data In External Memory / SD Card On Android

Android has a different way of managing storage space. In the initial devices, the internal memory was really low and even with larger capacities, it wasn’t possible to even move apps to SD card for efficient utilization. Android has almost always supported external, expandable memory in the form of SD cards. It was quite a way to compete with the main contender in the smartphone arena. Apple’s iPhone has always had much larger internal memory, but Android managed to keep the cost lower by embedding a lower capacity flash memory and providing the freedom to expand on it at your will through SD cards.

With the passage of time, Android devices are carrying more than sufficient memory, some of them even topping off the likes of 64GB with expandable external storage of up to 32GB. The problem even with these is that these devices have a bifurcation of memory; 2GB might be allocated as “internal memory”, while the remaining would be available to the user in the form of storage/SD card partition. The disadvantage of such an approach is that many apps, including today’s larger games, would not store their data in SD card and wasting precious internal memory. When you talk about some of the newer titles from Gameloft, that’s a lot of game data you’re talking about. It’s for such scenarios that FolderMount comes into play.

FolderMount is an independently-developed app from XDA which allows you to mount internal memory folders to external memory (sdcard partition) of your Android device. This makes the system believe that it’s making use of the internal storage, whilst putting the actual data in the larger partition. In doing so, the app will allow you to keep only the essential APK files for various apps in rather-scarce internal memory. The associated app/game data would go to the external memory. Since a lot of users don’t mostly utilize all the external storage, this would be an ideal solution, especially if you have an Android device that follows this distinction or available with less internal memory.

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