Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dirty Hands are called out by Smart Bracelet

A new device can call you out on sub-par sessions at the sink. Sure there are bathroom signs, but do you ever know if your hands were cleaned properly or not. 

A high-tech bracelet made by a startup based in Sarasota, Florida, called IntelligentM tracks what you’re doing and will buzz a certain way if you fail to wash up correctly. The bracelet reads special RFID tags located at sanitation and hand washing stations. It also contains an accelerometer to sense how long the wearer is standing at one of those stations.

The company says its devices are so smart they can sense whether the person washing hands or dispensing sanitizer is following the proper procedures. When the bracelet wearer does everything right, the device will buzz once. Otherwise it will buzz three times.

IntelligentM bracelets were designed to be used by healthcare workers in hospitals as a way to prevent healthcare acquired infections, which are a deadly and extremely expensive problem. Usually observers monitor hospital workers’ hand washing practices. But that can be expensive and observing someone once a day isn’t always indicative of what’s going on. So far the bracelets are being used at a hospital in Sarasota and the startup is hoping to expand to more locations. IntelligentM thinks its technology could be ideal for food service settings, too. 

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