Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wrong Color Animals

Animals normally come in one color scheme, due to the fact that they’ve evolved to be as coordinated with their environment as possible. Standing out or being different is most of times is not good. Nature has its own course, which is why we have animals like these. Following are

Rainbow Pigeons

Pigeons, aren’t well liked, and for very good reason. They’ve just got no style. Also, they’re filthy and contain more disease. But one guy apparently thought it was the style thing mostly, and straight-up painted a whole punch of pigeons in Venice. Taking the adage “you can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter” to heart, the artist painted several pigeons a multitude of colors, in an attempt to make people change their perceptions of the birds. Because nothing screams “not at all a pest” like violently flicking paint chips in your face, whenever it flies away from your latest attempt to pet it. 

Pink Dolphins

These dolphins are famous for being one of the few animals that kill for fun, and for having a really messed up life. But one thing everyone knows is that they’re dolphin-colored, unless of course they’re Amazon River Dolphins, which come in pink. Nice work, nature. An animal capable of murder and rape that’s the same color as an 8-years-old’s bedroom. As if dolphins needed another reason to be angry.

Two-Toned Lobster

In the wild, lobsters come in a wide variety of colors: green, purple and even bright blue. In fact, the one color they don’t come in is red, which is caused by cooking them. That, in turn, causes them to sound like they’re screaming, because sometimes mere cooking isn’t exciting enough. The above lobster, named Two-Face was the result of a 1-in-50 million roll of the DNA dice, giving him the appearance of being exactly half-cooked. 

The Chimera Cat

You probably saw a picture of Venus The Kitten making its rounds on the Internet. The Internet has a well-known hard on for cats. A cat with two faces, complete with different colored eyes, is going to melt a whole bunch of servers. Kinda like Sid from Toy Story, only with flesh-and-blood animals instead of secretly-anthropomorphic pieces of plastic.

Purple Squirrel

Squirrels are the only animal on Earth that looks like it’s constantly sitting on a really fuzzy throne, and how can you not love that? Normally, they come in two colors red and grey. The word “normally” was used because, according to legend and against all logic, they also apparently come in purple. Wikipedia actually lists several recorded cases of purple squirrels, none of which have an explanation as to how they became purple. 

Black Tigers

White tigers are also critically endangered. Black tigers go one step further, being even rarer than actual Power Rangers, and are the result of a genetic defect. The most awesome part is that this little cub has two white siblings, meaning that, when they walk together, they look like one of them is being followed by a fuzzy little shadow. 

Ghost Goldfish

You expect a goldfish to be one color: GOLD. But names aren’t an exact indicator of what to expect from something. Goldfish, at any time in their life and without reason, can change color. This can range from a simple dulling of their normally vivid orange, right up to losing any color whatsoever, which is when they become ghost fish. 

White Ravens

Ravens are considered an omen in some areas of society, which is no surprise since they’re mostly famous for harassing the bejeezus out of Edgar Allen Poe. With their shadowy figures, and beady little shark eyes, it’s no wonder people fear them. They were nursed to health after being found malnourished and on the brink of death. The cause of this was likely a series of attacks from other, more normally colored ravens, who did not accept their white brethren. 

Stripeless Zebra

Zebras are known for exactly one thing: having stripes. So, wouldn’t a stripeless zebra technically be a horse? That goes against everything we are taught. When we first learn the alphabet, a zebra is the go-to animal for the letter Z. 

The White Gorilla

Gorillas are like nature’s way of saying evolution screwed us over. Gorillas have the ability to beat you to death with your own soul. With this, Snowflake is not a name you’d give to a gorilla, yet somebody totally did because, like a Snowflake, this particular gorilla was as white as a ghost’s passport photo

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