Friday, 15 February 2013

With New Promotional Countdown Page, HTC Teases Its Upcoming(February 19th) ‘One’ Handset

After One X and One X+ failed to make the desired impression on an Android user base concerned primarily with Samsung-branded handsets. HTC is back with a new device, and is doing its level best to gather some momentum behind it. The HTC One is going to be showcased on February 19th. In anticipation for its special launch event in New York City, the Taiwanese manufacturer has been running special promo page (complete with a countdown timer) on its Web page.

Although the HTC One isn’t a confirmed moniker of the upcoming handset, the fact that any time ending in the number “1″ on the countdown timer results in the flashing of said number in green. It seems a fairly strong indicator that the device will be called the HTC One. The green flashing isn’t particularly exciting in itself, but HTC also reveals blurred outlines. The sneak previews seem to correlate with what we have seen of the device through leaks, but will become clearer on 19th.

As per the leaks, it looks as though there will be more focus on build quality on the HTC One, with a great deal more metal used in its construction than you generally see with Android handsets. The so-called “Ultrapixel” camera may also be a feature, HTC fans will be hoping for a supreme snapper when the device eventually does begin shipping.

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