Saturday, 16 February 2013

Test your Intelligence

Hey friends, we have selected some excellent puzzles for you to try and find out your intelligence level. If you think you are smarter, then try these. They all are easy ones and all you need is some logic. Just think simple!

Hero Hue

These colors should remind you of a fictional hero

Star Sequence

Which triangle should replace the question mark?

Bermuda Triangle

Can you find the number to replace the question mark?

Devious Diagram

This diagram was constructed according to a certain logic. Can you work out which number should replace the question mark?


Hero Hue                  -  ROB ROY : Red Orange Blue, Red     
                                   Orange Yellow

Star Sequence         -  Brown. Letters in the names of opposite 
                                 pairs of colors always add up to 10 (e.g. 
                                 Pink, four letters, and Yellow, six letters, 
                                 make 10)

Bermuda Triangles -  7. Add the three numbers at the corner of 
                                    each triangle, multiply by 2, and place 
                                    that number in the middle.

Devious Diagram     -  4. The number relates to the number of 
                                     shapes in which the number is enclosed.

Circle Count

Can you replace the question mark with a number to meet the condition of the wheel?

Seedy Solution

Complete the word ladder by changing one letter of each word per step. The newly created word must be found in the dictionary. What are the words to turn SEEDS to GRASS?

Clock Case

Can you work out the time on the blank clock face?

Letter Square

Can you find out the relationship of the letters and numbers in this square and find out which number should replace the question mark?


Circle Count       - 4. Multiply the two numbers in the outer 
                             circle of each segment and place the product 
                             in the inner circle two segments on in a 
                             clockwise direction.

Seedy Solution   - Sleds, Slews, Slows, Glows, Grows, Gross.

Clock Case        - 1:00. The minute hand moves forward 20 
                           minutes, the hour hand moves back 1 hour.

Letter Square     - Starting at H, and working clockwise, 
                             subtract the value of second letter, based on its
                             value in the alphabet, from the value of first 
                             letter, and put sum in following corner.

ODD Relations

Which two numbers below have the same relationship as the first pair?

Phone Frenzy

The diagram represents an old-fashioned telephone dial with letters as well as numbers. Below is a list of numbers representing 10 American States. Can you use the diagram to decode them?

Missing Number

What number should replace the question mark?

Starting Point

Find the starting point and move from square to adjoining square, horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally, to spell a 12-letter word, using each letter only once. What are the missing letters?


ODD Relation - B(946 : 42). Break down left number: (First 
                           digit x second digit) + third digit = right 
                           number. (9 x 4) [36] + 6 = 42.

Phone Frenzy - A. California, B. Texas, C. Nebraska, D. Alaska, 
                           E. Idaho, F. Oregon, G. Virginia, H. Florida, I. 
                           Colorado, J. Arizona.

Missing Number - 15. (Top x Left) + right = middle. (7 x 8) [56] 
                              + 15 = 71.

Starting Point - Abbreviation. The missing letters are, reading 
                          from top to bottom, V, B, and N.

Wedge Words

Make a circle out of these shapes. When the correct circle has been found a word can be read clockwise. What is the word?

Shell Shocker

Six of the words in the diagram are associated for some reason. Find the words and then work out whether SHELL belongs to the group?

Clock Clue

The alarm clocks move in a certain pattern. Can you work out the time on the last clock?

Letter Lunacy

The letters and numbers in this square follow a pattern. Can you work out which number is represented by the question mark?


Wedge Words - Kindness

Shell Shocker -  Shell does not belong to the group. The linked 
                            words are Beast, Decor, Heron, Human,
                            Pilaf, and Round. The first and last letter  
                            position in the alphabet totals 22.

Clock Clue -     6.45. The minutes hand moves back 15, 30 and 
                           45 minutes. The hour hand moves forward
                           3, 6 and 9 hours.

Letter Lunacy - 10. Replace each letter by the value of its 
                             position in the alphabet. Start at E and add 1, 
                             then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 1, then 2 
                             etc. When you reach 26 (Z), go back to 1 (A).

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