Friday, 22 February 2013

Table tennis behind-the-back shot by French player

An amazing table tennis behind-the-back shot by French player Quentin Robinot during the Kuwait Open last week is going viral. It was so incredible that even his opponent could not help but to applaud him, and has been featured in various sites. Following is the clip of shot played:-

Table tennis behind the back shot by Quentin Robinot

Quentin Robinot and Kiryl Barabanov of Belarus recently faced-off in a table tennis match during the qualifying round of the 2013 Kuwait Open for the (International Table Tennis Federation) ITTF World Tour Super Series.

Robinot, 20, ranked No. 173 in the world, while Barabanov ranked 188. Nevertheless, Robinot‘s amazing trick shot behind his back during the tournament made the day not only of the spectators and announcer, but every body around the world. While the two professional table tennis players were exchanging difficult shots, Robinot (wearing blue) can be seen switching his right hand at his back to hit the ball, and successfully returned it to Barabanov, who was caught off-guard with that behind-the-back trick.

Robinot seemed to be in a position where he had no choice but to use that behind-the-back shot, in his hope to return the ball in a legitimate way. Apparently, Barabanov was stunned with the trick and could not do anything but to clap his hand, with the announcer and the crowd also going crazy.

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