Sunday, 17 February 2013

Doctors Freeze Baby in UK

UK doctors freeze a newly born baby boy for four days at the University College London Hospital due to a heart problem. The baby boy, named Edward, is the third child of Claire Ives who works as a nurse in London.

As per Claire, she noticed the abnormal heartbeat of her baby when she was seven months pregnant. Using a heartbeat listening device, Claire said she “didn’t believe his [heart] rate could be that fast.” Reports say that Edward‘s heart rate is about 300 beats per minute. The normal heart rate is usually 160 beats per minute.

Claire‘s newly born baby is reportedly suffering from a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). Doctors have given the baby a five percent chance of survival. Improper electrical impulses are reportedly the cause of SVT, leads to an irregular rapid heartbeat heart, which then can lead to heart failure or affect internal organs.

Due to the baby’s critical condition, Claire reportedly delivered Edward five weeks earlier. To protect the vital organs and slow down the baby boy’s heartbeat, doctors lowered his body temperature by using a cold gel blanket with approximately 91 degrees. It took them four days of cooling and heating the boy before they were able to stabilize Edward’s heartbeat. Edward is now a healthy six-month old but his heartbeat is still being closely monitored.

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