Monday, 25 February 2013

CreativeTea Set Designs

It is really enjoyable to have tea in the cold days alongwith friends. The tea sets are really important. There is a large selection of special designed tea sets available in the markets. The unique sets look amazing and when you use them to drink tea, you will feel warm in the cold winter. Following are the some attractive tea sets designs for you to select as per your choice:-

 T-shirt teapot

 Just as its name implies, this teapot has been dressed with a “t-shirt”. In this way, the “t-shirt” not only can keep the water warm in the bottle, but also can avoid the hot water burn you. There is no need to open the cap of the teapot. And the water will flow out when you lean the teapot. The side anti-leakage design can ensure that the hot water will not drop on the tablecloth.

 Rose tea cup set

 This tea set is creative as well as beautiful. Women will love them at their first sight. When you pile up the cup set, the whole will becomes a beautiful “ rose”. But when you move the “rose petals” one by one, the set will become the useful tea cup and the tea spoon. 

Woodpecker spout design

 It ensures that you conveniently pour the water and at the same time, you are not afraid that this water will drop on the table. There are different colors for you to choose. 

Ballet tea set

Flying High and Free

Bel Canto tea set

Nasty Set

baby elephant tea set

Victorian Design 

fancy tea set

Humpty tea pot

The mouth tea set

Porcupine Tea Set

Captain Picard’s Tea Set

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