Monday, 25 February 2013

Best Bed Cover Designs

Bed covers play an important role in arranging the overall look of our homes. It is more or less plays a finishing role in co-ordinating the entire look of a bedroom. Therefore, these should be picked up as per the theme, designs and taste of the other soft furnishings available in the room. Following are the few important tips for selecting a bed cover:-

Tips to Select Bed Covers

While picking up the most fitting bed cover, one has to keep following three things in mind:-


The bed cover fabric should be cool in summers and warm in winters. The choice should be made as per the season and comfort requirements.


Bed is the ultimate relaxing place of an individual. The color of bed cover should be soothing and relaxing. Soft pastel colors are the best choice. Though, one can also match it as per the other soft-furnishings in the room.


Bed covers must be easy to maintain, as they have to be washed on regular intervals. Make sure you pick up a kind that is washable and easy to change. 

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