Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Announcement of PlayStation 4 And DualShock 4 Controller

Sony announced their much-awaited next-gen console; the PlayStation 4 and its accompanying new controller; the DualShock 4. The major players in the traditional home entertainment industry have been looking to shake off the ‘games console’ tag, and that motif was echoed once more by Sony today with the announcement of the PS4. The PlayStation 4 "represents a shift from thinking of a box or console," and after the recent leaks and conflicting reports pertaining to the fourth-gen offering, it was finally unveiled to the world.

Despite the intent to break away from the traditional, ‘archetypal console’ typecast, there’s plenty to be excited about with the PlayStation 4. It is to be based on what is described as "supercharged PC architecture," and packs in an x86 processor, a GPU remnant to that of a PC, along with a whole 8GB of GDDR5 high-speed memory.

The controller, which we’ve been seeing a lot is called the DualShock 4, and touchscreen also includes a light bar to the rear, which helps identify players. The PS4′s 3D camera will detect the players from these light bars, and with an impressive 8 CPU cores.

The PlayStation 4 is largely focused on making the user experience as simple and seamless as possible. Akin to the pick-up-and-put-down gaming world we’ve become accustomed to with smartphones and tablets, users will be able to halt and resume play simply by pressing the power button, removing the need for boot times.

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