Sunday, 6 January 2013

World’s shortest escalator found in Japan

The so-called world’s shortest escalator can be found in Japan. There were earlier videos (as early as 2008) about it, but the latest YouTube video is the longest so far and has a guide for tourists who want to check it out.

The world’s shortest escalator is located near the parking lot at the basement (B2) of Kawasaki More‘s department store, across the street from the JR Kawasaki train station. It has a vertical rise of 32.8 inches (or 83 centimeters), and there is a normal stairway right after the escalator!

“It’s a thing of beauty and magnificence.” hippykiller1 said on the video, adding that he rode the elevator seven times and it was a glorious experience. And while it may not be really useful, it reportedly landed on Guinness World Records in 1989 as the world’s shortest escalator.

The said escalator is only for people going downwards and not for going up. Other short escalators in places such as in Amsterdam, in Edmonton, Canada are also there but those are  not sure to be of the same size with that in Kawasaki, Japan.

But the main question is why would Japanese engineers design such very short escalator? Well, since Japan is known for their superb talent in technology, why not use it for marketing purposes? It may be unnecessary for the train passengers, but is indeed one good thing to attract tourists.

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