Monday, 17 December 2012

Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. They are an alternative to conventional electrical cell phone chargers and in some cases can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

There are also public solar chargers for mobile phones which can be installed permanently in public places such as streets, park and squares. The model which is according to European Commission proclaimed as the first in the world is the Strawberry Tree, public solar charger invented by Strawberry energy Company. This solar station won the first place at "EU Sustainable energy week (EUSEW) 2011" in the Consuming category.

Some models of cell phones have a built in solar charger and are commercially available for GSM cellphone models. Solar cell phone chargers come in different shapes and configurations including folding and rotating types.

They also come in the form of straps, with solar cells on the outer surface and a nickel metal hydride battery within. They are capable to charge a mobile device fully within six hours of exposure to the Sun resulting in 40 minutes of talk time. Solar chargers are also available for other cell phone accessories, such as bluetooth headsets and speaker phones.

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