Monday, 17 December 2012

Rolling Out of Windows Phone 7.8 For Lumia 800

Recent Nokia and Windows Phone discussions are centered around the Finnish company’s launch of the fantastic new Lumia range of devices powered by Windows Phone 8. And there could be a nice software related surprise waiting for your Lumia 800 device when it connects to the Zune software. Those who still make daily use of their Lumia 800 have obviously made the conscious decision that the upgrade to a newer Lumia device isn’t on the cards. But this shouldn’t stop owners from updating the device to Windows Phone 7.8 as it becomes available.

Reports suggest that a number of Lumia 800 devices have the official Windows Phone 7.8 software update sitting waiting for them when the device has been plugged into the Zune software. With Windows Phone and Android based software updates, it doesn’t seem to have filtered through to all users. But the fact remains that some users are already able to download and update to 7.8. It will be widely available in the coming days.

Lumia 800 owners will already be aware that they won’t ever be getting a full update to Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. This means that they would need to upgrade or purchase one of Nokia’s new Lumia smartphones. The filtering through of Windows Phone 7.8 at this point should be more than enough to keep those Lumia 800 users happy for the time being. 

The update itself is downloaded and installed as a four-part process and consists of four individual updates.     It will take the device through a number of software revisions before finally settling on the 7.10.8858.136 build. There doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern about who is receiving the update at present, so the best  is to connect the device to the Zune desktop software and see if it is available. Those who do manage to get the update on their device, will be able to take advantage of a set of new boot screens and able to dynamically resize the live tiles on the display.

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