Monday, 10 December 2012

Popular Events of Dec-Jan

Season's Greetings (Dec - Jan)

With Christmas and New Year round the corner, it's the time of the year to be merry and joyous. Celebrate the warmth of the season and spread the happiness among all the people you know by sending warm and beautiful Season's Greetings ecards. 

Happy Holidays (Dec - Jan)

Happy Holidays! It's time to celebrate the joy and warmth of the season and spread happiness among everyone you know. Choose Happy Holidays ecards and wish your near and dear ones!

Hanukkah (Dec 8 - 16)

It's Hanukkah! So light the menorah and celebrate the festival of lights. Share the story of the miracles, play with the dreidel and have grand feasts to enjoy. Send warm and cute ecards to brighten up the festival of lights with friends, family and loved ones.

Advent (Dec 2 - 24)

It's Advent! So fill your heart and home with warmth and love. Reach out to all your near and dear ones as you wait for the coming of the Lord. Send warm wishes of happiness through beautiful ecards.

A Christmas Carol Day (Dec 19)

It's A Christmas Carol Day and the time to sing the holy hymns to welcome the festive season. Fill your heart and home with warm and merry moments. Reach out to all your friends/ near and dear ones through joyous wishes.

Winter (Dec 21 - Mar 19)

Winter is here... It's time to put on your snow boots, deck yourself with gloves and woolens and build up snowmen or shoot snowballs at your loved ones. Send your friends, family, sweetheart, neighbors, colleagues and everyone heart-warming ecards and wish them a joyous and wonderful season.

Christmas Tree Light Day (Dec 22)

Decorating the Christmas tree with sparkling lights is a beautiful part of the entire Christmas celebrations. Wish your loved ones a merry time with beautiful ecards on Christmas Tree Light Day.

Christmas (Dec 25)

Happy Christmas

Christmas Around the World (Dec 25)

Christmas is here and it's time for celebration! As people all over the world get into the merry-making mood and celebrate the spirit of the holy birth of Jesus Christ, reach out to all your loved ones.

Holiday Thank You (Dec - Jan)

It's time for Holiday Thank You! Appreciate the great gifts that your friends/ family/ loved ones have given you. Thank them for making your Holiday Season a grand celebration. Send them warm messages.

New Year (Jan 1)

2013 is here! Fill your heart with new hopes, reach out for new opportunities and celebrate the New Year! Reach out to your friends, family, acquaintances and loved ones and wish them a year filled with happiness.

Flower Basket Day (Jan 4)

It's Flower Basket Day! Celebrate the beautiful blooms of the season. Give baskets full of lovely flowers to your near and dear ones. 

Cuddle Up Day (Jan 6)

It's Cuddle Up Day! Time to get cozy with your loved ones. Wrap them in your arms and give them tight squeezes. Send lots of love wrapped in warm cuddles to your near and dear ones. Make them feel special with cute and warm ecards.

Bubble Bath Day (Jan 8)

It's Bubble Bath Day! The perfect time to pamper yourself with a warm bubble bath. So just make a tub of bubbles, soak yourself and bust the stress. Send cute ecards to your friends/ family/ loved ones to wish their day bubbles with fun.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day (Jan 9)

It's Make Your Dreams Come True Day! So get set to follow your dreams. Inspire your near and dear ones to do the same and turn their dreams to reality. Send beautiful and encouraging ecards to your friends/ family/ loved ones.

Thank You Cards (Jan 11)

Send Thank You Cards to the special people who brighten up your days. Appreciate the difference they make in your life. Show your gratitude to your friends, family and loved ones with warm and beautiful ecards.

Secret Pal Day (Jan 11)

It's Secret Pal Day! Reach out to your friend you admire secretly and make him/ her feel special. Send him/ her cute ecard.

 Step in a Puddle & Splash Your Friend Day! (Jan 11)

It's Step in a Puddle & Splash Your Friend Day! So just jump into a puddle and splash your friend because you can get away with the mischief today. Send cute and fun ecards to your friends/ loved ones.

Lohri (Jan 13)lahore lahore aay

It's Lohri! Time to celebrate the harvest season with lots of merriment!

Pongal (Jan 15)

It's Pongal! Decorate your house with kolams, cook the yummy Pongal and pray for the long life of your loved ones. Send warm ecards and greetings to wish your near and dear ones plentiful harvest, peace and joy.

Strawberry Ice Cream Day (Jan 15)

It's Strawberry Ice Cream Day! The perfect time to have extra large scoops of the yummy ice creams. Send cute ecards to your friends/ family/ sweetheart/ loved ones and savor the delicious taste of togetherness.

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