Monday, 24 December 2012

Funniest ‘Animals Being Dicks’

We sometimes get a brain itch that can only be scratched by watching copious amounts of hilarious animal GIFs. If you suffer from the same ailment, let us point you in the direction of Animals Being Dicks, a place on the Internet where it’s okay to laugh at our furry friends. The premise is simple: Animals are perfectly capable of cretinous behavior, and celebrating their wretchedness is a truly funny pastime.

Animals are afraid of humans (except when they attack), they take care of their kids (except when they eat them) and they have large antlers growing out of their foreheads. But the way animals are most like people is that the majority of them are jerks. Just see this collection of our furry and finny friends showing no concept of fair play. Or maybe, like most jerks, they know what it is and just don't care.

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