Friday, 14 December 2012

A Colossal 6.3-inch Display is expected for Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung’s "phablet" Galaxy Note series has proved a surprise hit with consumers, and with the second iteration boasting one of the largest displays in the smartphone industry, its successor will set a new benchmark in terms of screen real-estate. The Note II may already be enormous with its 5.5-inch offering, but the Galaxy Note III could boast an eye-watering 6.3-inch display upon its release.

The original Note is measured at 5.3-inches, and when it initially launched, many skeptics questioned whether the market wanted or needed a screen of such proportions.  The consumers answered by going out and purchasing it in millions. The recent release of the Note II has garnered similar acclaim. With market now well-established, Samsung appears to be treading on true tablet territory with the its release.

Although anything with a 5.x-inch display can probably still be considered a smartphone, a Note with a 6.3-inch display will likely redefine the line between smartphone and tablet. Considering the display of the Google / ASUS Nexus 7, which is 7-inches in diameter, many would argue a 6.3-inch Note III must be categorized as a tablet. But still with the inherent ability to make and receive cellular calls, it is a smartphone as well.

In terms of other specs for the Note III, details are scarce, but the OLED display will certainly be the main attraction. We expect the hardware to be fairly similar to that of the Galaxy S IV, which is also set for release at some point next year, and with both the Galaxy S and Note series both running strong, all eyes will be on what Samsung plans to do with the next year models.

Many hope that the Galaxy S IV will make its first appearance at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, which commences in late February. And the device will probably make an appearance around April time, with the Note III possibly dropping in the summer.

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