Saturday, 8 December 2012

10 most dangerous animals in the world

10. The Mosquito

The most dangerous and tiny animal is the mosquito. Mosquitoes act as vector for the spreading of many diseases. Standing pools and dirty places increases the strength of mosquitoes. The diseases caused by mosquitoes killed millions of people. The well known diseases caused by it are Malaria, Elephantiasis and Yellow fever.

9. Venomous Snakes

The Venomous snakes have more than 450 species. They are mostly killed the people of North America, Asia and Africa. Its venom rapidly spread in the human body and can infect 250 people.

8 .The Scorpion

The most dangerous animal scorpions are well known in the whole world due to its poisonous sting. Its venom may paralyze or killed the prey. Its 25 species are the most dangerous for men.    

7. Big Cats

The term big cats are used for jaguars, lions and leopard. These animals are called big cats due to its habit to roar. The big cats are found in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  They are proved to be more dangerous when you try to run away if you think to be caught.

6. The Crocodile

The crocodile is the most ferrous and dangerous animal in the world. They are mainly distributed in Australia and Africa. It mostly attacks on fishes, reptiles and mammals. Its average age is estimated 70 years old.

5. The Elephant

The most friendly and innocent looking elephant is also proved dangerous animal. The elephants are the biggest animal on the earth. There are many accidents caused by them. The wild elephants are proved more dangerous.

4. The Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus looks like pig are the other dangerous animal. It has the interesting ability that to open its mouth up to 4 feet. It is the semi-terrestrial animal. Its death rate is estimated are 100-150 per year.

 3. The Jellyfish

Jellyfish is the magnificent and dangerous creature. Jellyfishes possess numerous tentacles for capturing the prey. The prey of Jellyfish entangles in its tentacles and paralyzed or dead.  It varies in size from very small to the bigger one. The death rate of Jellyfish is about 100 per year.

 2. The Shark

Shark is the most popular dangerous specie. Its deadly attacks are famous and also shown in many movies. But all of its species are not dangerous only 4 species are known dangerous. Its death rate is about 100 per year.

1. The Bear

The most dangerous animal in the world is bear. It has only living 8 species. Most bear species feeds on bamboo but some of the wild specie is very dangerous. Sometimes, bears appear to be aggressive but in reality they are nervous. However they also proved dangerous.

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